Final results
Lecture 1 (05.10) Lecture Class Sets, realtions, groups, fields, complex numbers
Lecture 2 (12.10) Lecture Class Vector spaces and subspaces, basis, dimension, coordinate systems
Lecture 3 (19.10) Lecture Class Linear mapping and a matrix of a linear mapping in a coordinate system
Lecture 4 (26.10) Lecture Class Kernel and rank of a mapping, determinant
Lecture 5 (09.11) Lecture Class Determinants, eigenvalues
Octave: matrix.m
Lecture 6 (16.11) Lecture Class Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Lecture 7 (23.11) Lecture Class Jordan normal form
Lecture 8 (30.11) Lecture Class Invariant subspaces
Lecture 9 (07.12) TEST SOLUTION
Lecture 10 (14.12) Lecture Class Bilinear forms, inner product, norm, unitary space
Lecture 11 (21.12) Lecture Class Orthogonal matrices, Gram-Schmidt procedure
Lecture 12 (04.01) Lecture Class Orthogonal projection, properties
Lecture 13 (11.01) Lecture Class Convex sets, convex functions, Jensen's inequality
Lecture 14 (18.01) Lecture Class Hyperplanes, multi-facet convex sets, dual cones
Exam (29.01) EXAM 29.01, 16:00-19:00, G 112 (allowed: calculator, two sheets of A4 handwritten notes)
Exam - 2nd attempt (15.02) EXAM 15.02, 18:00-20:00, G 458 (allowed: calculator, two sheets of A4 handwritten notes)
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