Algebra (121001-1160):
  • Lecture - Mondays 13:30-15:10 in room G-236,
  • Classes - Mondays 15:20-17:00 in room G-231.


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  • Links:

    Ważniak - mathematical analysis
    Ważniak - linear algebra
    Octave and its extension Octave-Forge with the exemplary manual

    Grading Regulations:

    • One test for 50 points.
    • One exam for 50 points.
    • The grade on the basis of the sum of the test and the exam by the conversion table:
      < 502
      from 503
      from 603.5
      from 704
      from 804.5
      from 905
    • Cheating on tests and exams will not be tolerated. If a student get caught cheating, the test/exam will be confiscated and rated to zero points.

    Course overview:

    1. Sets, realtions, groups, fields, complex numbers.
    2. Vector spaces and subspaces.
    3. Basis, dimension, coordinate systems.
    4. Linear mapping and a matrix of a linear mapping in a coordinate system.
    5. Kernel and rank of a mapping. Determinant. Characteristic polynomials.
    6. Invariant subspaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
    7. Bilinear forms, quadratic forms,
    8. Inner product, norm, unitary space.
    9. Linear isometry and orthogonal matrices. Gram-Schmidt procedure.
    10. Orthogonal projection, properties. Geometric interpretation of least squares procedure.
    11. Convex sets, convex functions, Jensen's inequality.
    12. Multi-facet convex sets. Vertices.
    13. Cones and convex cones.
    14. Multi-facet convex cones. Dual cones and Farkas' lemma.
    Contact: [email protected]